Application Notes

This application diagram depicts an aircraft internal communication system (ICS) cabin call switch that can initiate a call and indicate system state. The switch can take external input signals of different voltage levels and invert them to provide active system state indication.

This application diagram depicts a flight deck GPS status annunciator that that built-in voltage sense circuitry. Depending on the voltage level of the status input, the annunciator will indicate the active state of the GPS system and equipment.

This application diagram details a circuit that turns annunciators OFF/ON and also adjusts their brightness. The design provides dual user control and cycles through latched output states with the press of a momentary switch. The latched outputs can be used to control relays or toggle discrete dimming inputs to annunciators.

This application diagram depicts a Master Warning & Caution flight deck annunciator that has built-in custom blink circuitry. Whenever the internal senses that the warning and caution signals are active, the respective indicator will blink at the chosen rate.

This application diagram depicts a power converter annunciator with ON/OFF, fault, and overheat status indicators. The indicator senses power signals from an external mechanical relay to determine the ON and OFF indication states. Discrete signals from the converter are used to indicate fault and overheat conditions.