NEXSYS® Component Technology – Electronic Switching

Electronic Latch

Electronic Latch

The Electronic Latch is an 8-pin electronic switching component that replaces traditional magnetic or solenoid latching switches and can be integrated in a VIVISUN® High Capacity switch body or can be included in a stand-alone NEXSYS® Module for use behind the panel. The Electronic Latch can be configured to power up in either RESET (EL1) or SET with BLINK active (EL2) and resets to a known or safe position with loss of power cycle.

  • Configurable inside of VIVISUN® High Capacity switch bodies and NEXSYS® Modules.
  • Set, Reset and Toggle Capabilities
  • Local, Remote and Lockout Control
  • Simplifies Complex Circuit Diagrams
  • Replaces Magnetic or Solenoid Switches
  • Built-in Blink Circuitry
Electronic Latch Block Diagram

How it Works

The Electronic Latch contains an integrated electrical circuit that accepts two different operating modes by activating Set, Reset or Toggle. The switch then responds with conditioned outputs that may be used to perform various system functions. Inputs may originate through external sensors, other switches, or even through physical activation of the internal switch poles.

Component Features

Logic Input Circuitry: Provides a reliable diode isolated, buffered and debounced input interface. The inputs are internally pulled up to approximately 18 VDC. This provides simple reliable operation with either external switches or open drain drivers.

Latch Circuitry: Proven reliable latch circuitry that holds the current state and provides the set, reset and toggle features.

Blink Circuitry: Free running 1 hertz square wave generator. This signal is then gated to provide a selectable blink output.

Logic Output Circuitry: Provides ground switched open drain output drivers that are both fused and surge protected against transients and overload conditions.

Power Supply: Efficient internal regulated supply that allows the unit to operate reliably on less than 4 mA.

Electronic Latch – Application Examples

To help system designers understand the potential of NEXSYS Component Technology, we have assembled a collection of Application Notes. The links below show example applications that utilize the Electronic Latch component.

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