NEXSYS® Component Technology – Sensors & Detectors



The Pulse/Timer component is an 8-pin sensing and detecting device that acts as a dual-channel edge detector and can output two distinct timed outbound signals. A Pulse/Timer can be integrated in a VIVISUN® High Capacity switch body or can be included in a stand-alone NEXSYS® Module for use behind the panel.

  • Dual channel positive (rising) or negative (falling) edge detection
  • Timed device activation via pulse output (horn, buzzer or blinking indicators)
  • Integrated electrical circuit replaces external pulse generators, timers and time delay relays
  • Independent retriggerable dual channel “ONE-SHOT” operation and control
  • Channels may be connected in series for custom timing options
  • Generate an outgoing High or Low pulse for a pre-defined interval from 125 milliseconds to 20 seconds.
Pulse/Timer Block Diagram

How it Works

The Pulse/Timer’s two independent channels can be individually selected to:

  • Respond to a positive (rising) or negative (falling) edge input, and
  • Generate an outgoing High or Low pulse for defined intervals from 125 milliseconds to 20 seconds.

Component Features

Trigger Inputs: TRIGGER 1 and TRIGGER 2 inputs are independent and must be defined as either:

  • Positive (P): rising edge detecting, or
  • Negative (N): falling edge detecting.

Inputs: Each input provides:

  • De-bounce and diode isolation, and
  • Internal pull up to approximately 18 V.

Outputs: Q1 and Q2 are independent open drain outputs that must be defined as either:

  • Active High (H): normally grounded that becomes high impedance for length of pulse, or
  • Low (L): normally high impedance that becomes grounded for length of pulse.

Pulse/Timing:Timing of each independent channel is defined at the time of order per the following timing options:

  • 125 ms, 250 ms, 500 ms, 1 s, 2.5 s, 5 s, 10 s, 20 s

Nominal timing: +/- 10 % at 25° C

Reset Inputs:

  • The reset inputs will cancel the pulse of the corresponding channel.
  • The reset will also function to enable/disable if the reset line is held low, the channel is disabled.
  • Internal pull up to approximately 18 V.

Pulse/Timer – Application Examples

To help system designers understand the potential of NEXSYS Component Technology, we have assembled a collection of Application Notes. The links below show example applications that utilize the Pulse/Timer component.

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